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    Unless you take joy in what you are doing, you will probably stop. Think of method that will render your Chinese learning endeavour fun. Consider word games that you know in English and can play in Chinese. Make a list of words you can come up with that have a certain sound. Compose exercises that you appreciate and put some fun into them.

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    Using the right technical tools will speed up the process of chinese language learning.
    marymount international school should get good electronic dictionaries or install dictionaries on your mobile phone.
    this international school will make it much easier to check words and characters. Using traditional dictionaries for checking Chinese characters takes a lot of time. You can save time by entering Chinese characters by using pads. Mobile devices are good for Chinese language learning because you can bring them with you anywhere you go. You can learn Chinese while you drive to work or wait for a bus. It is easy and convenient.

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    The language itself surrounds structured characters. The big difference when learning Chinese as opposed to other languages are these characters. You are not actually learning letters, and words as you would with say English, French, German etc. You will be studying the characters and the tones involved to voice them. Some characters will be the same or just slightly different but the sound that you make with your voice, tongue and the shape of your mouth will provide a different meaning.

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    These are some of the fears that parents have when they choose to keeping their native language alive with their children. Parents don’t be afraid to keep your language alive in your children. Children who come from bilingual homes are more apt to keep their language and culture alive.
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    Speak to your child in Spanish whenever possible. Sprinkle Spanish words into your conversations with them. Don’t know Spanish yourself? Take advantage of this opportunity and learn a little bit of the language. Using
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