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In today’s world the most well-known pieces of art cost tens of millions of pounds. As a result it is unsurprising that it is frequently wealthy businessmen and women who posses the biggest private art collections. Prestigious art sales are usually brimming with associates of affluent business people attempting to add to their collections with famous works of art from some of the most significant artists of all time. Most of these private art collectors are happy to pay considerable amounts of cash , which is wonderful for the art economy. Certain enthusiasts purchase art from specific periods or styles, whilst many others prefer to buy eclectic collections. We’re going to explore the businessmen and women with impressive and distinct collections.

In India, businessman Harsh Goenka has put together a very noteworthy collection. It may well not be the largest art collection in the world although it is exceptionally impressive nonetheless as a result of his discerning approach to the art work he buys. He purchases works from promising artists as well as from the old masters, such as Husain, Padamsee and Souza. Having been raised helping his parents’ art dealership in Calcutta, he is very familiar with the trade. Presently he is contemplating constructing an art gallery in Mumbai which would be the most valuable art museum in India and could turn out to be one of the most valuable art museums in the world.

A Tibetan tapestry was recently purchased for $40 million by Liu Yiquian, a Chinese businessman who is now regarded as one of the foremost art collectors worldwide. The tapestry was sold by Christies in Hong Kong and was the most valuable piece of Chinese art ever sold. It indicates an evergrowing trend in China for buying antique Tibetan art. He has also made a few other high profile buys, including a porcelain cup for $35 million and a vase for $14 million. More recently he bought a painting for a staggering $170 million. These without doubt render his hoard one of the most expensive art collections in the world.

Billionaire philanthropist Wafic Said is well known to be one of the most prevalent private art collectors in the world. He is renowned notably for his impressionist art collection which has been known to include pieces by Renoir, Monet and Cezanne. Impressionism is an art movement that began in the 19th century. It was originated in France and its main subjects were landscapes and images of everyday life. It is characterized by loose brush strokes that creates the effect of mimicking the brain’s perception of imagery rather than depicting them in a precise manner. The most renowned works of this particular period are highly coveted by contemporary art collectors. One of these works was recently sold by this businessman for thirty million pounds at a distinguished auction house in London.

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